We love what we do.

A lot.

NEWCo Branding is a boutique consultancy dedicated to creating and/or strengthening a brands story. Clients come to us for laser-targeted creative strategies and executions that inspire a passionate fan base, meaningful engagement and long-term success. Lead by industry veteran, Sara Rotman, we are selective about the clients we work with. Choosing to partner with like-minded brands and people that value powerful work and want to collaboratively achieve their goals.

Our clients trust us to do our job. And we honor that trust by doing it very, very well.
The high volume immediate turn around content requirements of today’s digital and social campaigns has forever changed the market. Brands are now (quite rightly) doing the lion’s share of this work in house. But without a strong lead, a sound strategy and a well-defined point of view, this work…well, won’t work. Defining a brand story more often than not, requires someone from the outside who can see the unexpected and has the perspective, courage and experience to find and tell the truth. We are that positive outside force.

Talent is a given.

Having the nerve, experience and tenacity to get the job done right, is the stuff of heroes. We are not right for everyone, but for those among you willing to hear the truth and speak your own, we can move mountains. We are talented, we are relentless, we are experienced professionals and we consistently make amazing work happen. So if you let us do our job, then we will make amazing, iconic and memorable work happen for your business too.

Strategy matters.

Nothing happens without it, at least, nothing good. It’s the foundation of every brand’s longevity, or the lifeline that restores a brand to health. Sound strategy is the first step in providing for growth and long-term success. With over 25 years of strategic excellence to our name and a gaggle of billion dollar success stories to back it up, we understand the power and intricate requirements of great brand strategy, and the difficulties and advantages of maintaining that strategy once it’s been crafted. We know, great strategy requires more than raw talent. Great strategy requires excellence, experience, discipline and smarts.

Content is just storytelling.

Which is something we’ve been doing for years. Developing (or even inventing) a brands story, clarifying its message or simply creating entertaining moments that engage an audience; we understand the power of strong content and creative. We have always told great brand stories. So we know, great storytelling is a lot tougher than a buzzword or a huge pile of social posts. Developing authentic, scripted video, iconic imagery and the creation of sufficient compelling assets to tell that story across multiple channels and an entire campaign lifecycle are second nature to us and critical to a brand’s success.

Creative. We know, we know, this is a pretty huge category.

And we love all of it. As a classically trained (dare we say intensely nerdy) design team, powerful creative is at the core of all we do. Suffice to say we are passionate about anything that could possibly live under the banner of “creative.” From campaign strategy, concept and development, to logo and icon design, from film, video and copywriting, to web design, package design, product design, from episodic long form original series – we love it all, heck we’ll even create a good chocolate cake recipe if you need one. Yep, we do all of that and more. You want the good stuff? Call NEWCo Branding. 

What we do:

Brand Strategy & DNA
Brand Iconography
Product Development
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Development
Content Creation (Storytelling)
Visual Asset Creation
Marketing Activation

Sara Rotman

Boss lady
Ms. Rotman’s professional experience has ranged from Sony Music to Saatchi & Saatchi. During her tenure, she has directed spots for VH1 and Broadway Video, and had the opportunity to delve into long form writing and directing. While working to define the personal brands of multiple musicians and artists, Ms. Rotman found her passion for developing brand stories and translated that to her work in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Often called upon to develop or update brand strategies and identities for Fashion’s most influential icons, she has launched or breathed new life into some of the worlds most noteworthy brands, including Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, Theory, Nina Ricci, Vera Wang, Aerin Lauder, Michael Kors, Thompson Hotels, Campari, Dermstore and Bliss Spa, among them.
Sara Rotman’s key to success is developing cross-platform approaches for brands and understanding how to create sustainability for her clients. Ms. Rotman has carefully honed this approach over the past 25 years, consistently delivering customized solutions for her clients in the fashion, beauty, hospitality and entertainment industries. With numerous awards and successful brand launches and repositions to her credit, Ms. Rotman has a thorough understanding of the unique sensitivities and issues involved in creating and maintaining a brand’s image – and how to best position them for longevity and growth.